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Banuev - Buenos Aires por una Nueva Evangelización, in other words, Buenos Aires for a New Evangelisation - is a Community whose objective is to spread worldwide the Beauty of God. He who created us, who loves us, and who has saved us. We use the pedagogy of Jesus in order to create a new evangelisation; we do this through art, in all its forms.

We have established the following aims and strategies in order to spread to others this Beauty:
· To create a means of expression, interaction and prayer for Christian artists.
· To bring together Christian artists in order to work towards a New Evangelisation.
· To give, of ourselves, in a way that provides community services for the Church such as promoting and organizing courses, seminars, artistic gatherings, events and shows, as well as, artistic retreats, publications and finally the creation of jobs in the area of graphic design and editing.
· To encourage the development of Christian art, in a youthful environment as a "real world" instrument of evangelisation.
· To bring Christian artistic expressionism to those suffering poverty and isolation.

The spirituality of Banuev is defined as a style or form of expression in which each of its activities celebrates the Joy of Jesus Resurrected.


BANUEV was formed in 1991 in a meeting of young members of "Pastoral Juvenil". There slogan being "No apaguen el fuego del Espíritu Santo" (Don't extinguish the flame of the Holy Spirit). In order to work effectively within the real world of the youth of Buenos Aires they studied the framework of the teachings of the Church, the core themes of the new evangelisation promoted by His Holiness John Paul II: Saintliness, Fellowship and Mission. These dedicated young people drew up a plan of action, which addressed the needs of the young evangelists, as well as, the need for solidarity with those most needy. The first concrete action was to create an event that would promote in Argentina Catholic art, in the field of music. The aim was to bring together, at the same time, similar shows from different parts of the country.
The first MultiFestival of BANUEV took place on the 23rd of October 1992, in the River plate stadium. This was to benefit the indigenous people of Jujuy and Neuquén. In 1993 it took place in the theatre La Salle and benefited the First Argentine Home for Victims of Aids (Hospital Muñez) this was carried out by "Voluntarios de María del Movimiento Apostólico de Schoenstatt", In 1994, the MultiFestival was held in the Obras stadium and was to benefit homes that provided shelter for street children. In 1995, the MultiFestival was held in the auditorium "San José" and benefited "Cáritas" Buenos Aires, In 1996 the theme was "The culture of life", this was in order to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the MultiFestival. Little by little BANUEV was gaining more and more fame. In 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999 there began to be included other artistic disciplines, in additional to the music. They held seminars for spiritual and artistic training, artistic retreats etc. all as part of the MultiFestival.


The MultiFestival, since 1992, has brought together thousands of young people from the capital, as well as other parts of Argentina. They gather to carry the message of Jesus to other young people by thinking within the context of our society and by passing on the values one should follow in life. The MultiFestival is attended by a variety of groups and soloists from all over the world and from diverse musical backgrounds: rock, pop, reggae, fusion, urban, gospel, folk etc. All of whom transmit, through their music, the Evangelistic message and motivate solidarity with our most needy brothers and sisters.
The diverse disciplines of art come together in the annual event, called MultiFestival; music, theatre, chorus and the plastic arts all form a part. Also, there is held, year long, training seminars, retreats, concerts, chorus presentations, "Taizé" prayer meetings, etc. 
BANUEV links together the diverse expressions of Catholic art that has arisen from various parts of the country by promoting and supporting festivals, and the production of CDs and cassettes (this association has produced the CDs from each annual MultiFestival, the CD "COMLA 6 América con Cristo Sal de la Tierra", produced recently in Paraná, the cassette "Infancia Misionera", the cassette "Congreso Misionero Nacional", and coming soon the CD "BANUEV canta TAIZÉ".) as well as samplings and videos, of an eclectic group of artists from a variety of Movements and Associations.


During these years of "gatherings" the foundations of the movement have been firmly laid, so that today it continues building brick by brick. This work was reflected in the 1st National Assembly of Catholic Artists. The core of this movement is that we are all participants, free from official standing and positions, brought together, sharing the same work, difficulties and hopes. We share the same feelings of brother and sister hood that brings us together in the name of Our Father.
For this reason we have devised once more another national gathering, so that we can be together again. People from Argentina and the rest of the world brought together to learn about one another, to give thanks to God for all our brothers and sisters, where ever they are in the world, whatever they maybe doing, and with the certainty that the Glory belongs to Him who created us.
The main objective of these "gatherings" is to exchange experiences, which come from a diversity of places, so that bonds may be created, both spiritual and artistic, in order that we may share experiences from many different perspectives.




Buenos Aires por Una Nueva Evangelización